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tao movement

Where ancient traditions meet modern science of movement


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Taoist Internal Energy Arts for health, healing, self-development and spiritual growth

Everything is energy; from your body to your emotions to your consciousness. Balancing your energy and harmonising mind and body is key for well-being and happiness.


The Taoist approach to the transformation of energy goes from the gross to the subtle - from the body to the mind to the spirit.


Tai Chi Chuan is an internal martial art and a form of moving meditation. Its soft and fluid movements release tension in mind and body, increase vitality and improve health.

Javier practices Yang and Wu styles of Tai Chi.


Literally means energy work. An ancient Chinese practice using breath, soft movements and intention to balance the energy flows in the meridian channels of the body to enhance health, mental and physical relaxation, and well-being.


Taoist internal work. The foundations  internal martial arts and qigong were originally built upon. The NeiGong system has 16 components that transform the practitioner inside out, balancing and integrating all parts of the body into a unified energy.


A bridge between the external and the internal. Always respecting modern science of biomechanics, Javier designs Vinyasa sequences that focus on anatomical precision, structural balance and mindfulness.


Soft and gentle mobility work meets internal energetics. Using physical movement, breathwork and presence, whilst adhering to basic taoist principles, yin movement improves mobility and serves as a doorway to internal energy work.

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