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the art of stillness

Meditation can be seen, in its first stages, as a form of mental training that brings control and clarity of mind, reducing stress and anxiety, whilst promoting grounding, insight and self-understanding. This often leads to a greater understanding of an unfiltered reality, which can be taken in the direction of spirituality.

Mindfulness is the state in which one is present to the moment, letting go of anything that is not happening now, to experience reality without the influence of past events or future projections. It can be done in stillness or in motion.



The mind seems to be constantly moving, jumping from one thought to the next like a monkey jumping from tree to tree; either ruminating over memories and past events or planning and worrying about future events. This creates stress and anxiety. According to research, this is one of the main reasons behind 80% of the current illnesses and chronic disease - and definitely the main ingredient for unhappiness.


Slowing down, or even stopping, the fluctuations of the mind is possible though. Not it is only possible, it is a trainable skill that anybody can learn. When this happens, when one learns to let go of past and future and focus on the present moment, peace of mind becomes a reality.


Zen Meditation & Mindfulness has been used to enhance health and mental balance for hundreds of years. Whether you have spiritual aspirations or you are just looking to release stress to enhance health, the Zen methodology starts at the same point.


Bompu Zen, which can be translated as “mundane” or “ordinary” Zen, has been tested and used to improve ordinary people’s daily lives, in a broad spectrum of fields from health to business, since ancient times in Japan. Scientific research done in the last 40 years on the subject has proven this to be true with tangible results.


A practical course with weekly live sessions learning Meditation and Mindfulness techniques rooted in the Rinzai Zen tradition.

This course is specifically designed to help people deal with their daily stresses and difficulties.


The 8 week programme offers a method of Meditation and a frame to make this Meditation a part of your daily life, so you can benefit from the results of a habitual mindfulness practice.

Every week has a theme. Every session explores a different mindfulness technique. Following a systematic structure, the weekly Meditation technique builds upon the previous one, taking the student through an easy to follow system that progressively enhances your mindfulness skills.

The only commitment required by the student is a daily 25min practice.

The 8 stages of the programme are:

1. The Zen Method                                                      2. Understanding Stress

3. The Journey of Physical Pain                                  4. The Pulsing of Emotional Pain

5. The Pressure of Success                                        6. The Art of Self Care

7. Elevating Life                                                           8. Becoming Super Sayan


Javier is a Meditation Teacher in training under the guidance of Zen Master Julian Daizan Skinner, founder of Zen Ways.

Daizan Roshi received Dharma Transmission in the Rinzai (and Soto) lineage of Zen before returning to the UK from Japan.


The 8 weeks Meditation & Mindfulness programme that Javier has been trained to teach was developed by Daizan Roshi to share the gift of the Zen practices with the world.

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