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Tai Chi Chuan, also spelled Taiji Quan, is an internal martial art and a form of moving meditation. Its soft and fluid movements release tension in mind and body, increase vitality and improve health.


Using the rhythmic, slow, circular movements of opening and closing all tissues and joints of the body, the Tai Chi practitioner explores the principle of yin-yang, seeking to find the centre of stillness.


This isn’t an intellectual exploration but an embodiment practice, where the practitioner becomes physically and energetically aware of the interplay between the complementary opposites of yin and yang.

Javier practices Yang and Wu styles of Tai Chi, incorporating the internal components of Nei Gong of the Taoist Water Tradition.


Tai Chi Foundations - NeiGong and QiGong is the course Javier is teaching at the moment. The focus is on the internal components that build Tai Chi from the inside out.


QiGong, also spelled Chi Kung, literally means energy work. It is an ancient Chinese practice using breath, soft movements and intention to balance the energy flows of the body to enhance health, mental and physical relaxation, and well-being.


Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong is a 1500 years old set that works on the acupuncture meridians of the body, unblocking stagnated qi and greatly improving the immune system. It is composed by a set of seven movements that, linked to specific breathing patterns, balances the wei qi (protective energy) that runs on the fascia under the skin, enhancing the practitioners health and vitality.

Dragon and Tiger QiGong is an ideal practice to develop sensitivity to qi.


NeiGong literally means internal work or skill. It has been developed for more than 5000 years by Taoists and it is the foundation internal martial arts and qigong were originally built upon. The NeiGong system has 16 components that transform the practitioner inside out, balancing and integrating all parts of the body into a unified energy.

The NeiGong that Javier practices is that of Laozi's (Lao-Tzu) Water Tradition.

Tai Chi Foundations - NeiGong and QiGong is the course for beginners to learn the most foundational NeiGong of the Water Method, which will eventually serve as the building blocks of Tai Chi.



Javier uses vinyasa yoga as a bridge between the external and the internal, by emphasising the link between breath and movement whilst guiding the practitioner’s awareness towards the body. Always respecting modern science of biomechanics, he designs sequences that focus on anatomical precision, structural balance and mindfulness.


His yoga classes are non-dogmatic and down to Earth, creating a fun environment where to explore the energetic contrasts between the powerful arm balances (Yang) and the fluid mobility work (Yin).


Soft and gentle mobility work meets internal energetics. Using physical movement, breathwork and presence, whilst adhering to basic Taoist principles, yin movement improves mobility and serves as a doorway to internal energy work.


Inspired by the element of water, Yin Movement is mindful fluid motion with the intention of creating a functional energy flow. Drawing from the teachings of QiGong and using elements from gymnastics, yoga asana, functional mobility and traditional martial arts, Yin Movement aims to develop strong and flexible bodies.

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