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the art of transformation

NeiGong literally means internal work or skill. It has been developed for more than 5000 years by Taoists and it is the foundation internal martial arts and QiGong were originally built upon. The NeiGong system has 16 components that transform the practitioner inside out, balancing and integrating all parts of the body into a unified energy.


Nei Gong is the process of transformation that is required for energy cultivation. Qi Gong movements, or forms, are the means through which the internal work is done. Qi Gong is the container, Nei Gong is the content.




At the very foundation of the Taoist NeiGong programme, the focus is placed in breathing, physical alignments and biomechanics, and the methodical body scanning for tension release, which eventually evolves into the skill of sinking qi, and, further down the line, dissolving energy blockages.


Taoist Breathing progressively improves not just lungs capacity but also the respiration process at cellular level (the oxygen and waste exchange in the cells). This way, out of improving our ability to breathe better, quite literally all body functions improve too, often having a significant effect in our health.


Taoist Breathing exercises also aim at releasing tension and trauma stored in the diaphragm. The entire physical body is connected through fascia and soft tissues to the diaphragm. One way or another, the good functioning of the entire organism depends upon optimal diaphragmatic movements. Waking up numb areas of the diaphragm, releasing tightness out of the muscle and balancing the contraction/release cycle of deep diaphragmatic breathing, causes profound physical benefits and helps restoring emotional balance.


Taoist Alignments and Biomechanics are designed to release physical tension and improve internal energy flows. The Taoist science of movement is also concerned with improving the circulation of all internal fluids of the body, from blood to lymph to interstitial fluids, which once again has a powerful effect in the health and longevity of the NeiGong practitioner.




Once Taoist Breathing and the physical alignments and biomechanics are to some degree embodied, the natural path is to work on internal energetics. The aim is to eventually become aware of and refine the subtle energy flows that power your body, emotions and thoughts.

The first energy flow the NeiGong practitioner starts working with is the downward flow through the Sinking qi process. Paired with QiGong movements to work on the Water Element, sinking qi starts the process of cleaning the body from tension and clearing energy blockages.

The NeiGong that Javier practices is that of Laozi's (Lao-Tzu) Water Tradition.

Tai Chi Foundations - Internal Building Blocks of Tai Chi are a series of courses that focus on the internal components that build Tai Chi from the inside out.

Next course open to Beginners starts on June 2024.

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