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the fire that balances water

Javier uses Vinyasa Yoga as a bridge between the external and the internal, by emphasising the link between breath and movement whilst guiding the practitioner’s awareness towards the body. Always respecting modern science of biomechanics, he designs sequences that focus on anatomical precision, structural balance and mindfulness.


His yoga classes are non-dogmatic and down to Earth, creating a fun environment where to explore the energetic contrasts between the powerful arm balances (Yang) and the fluid mobility work (Yin).




Arm balances and Inversions can be used as means to explore movement complexity and control. Through variations that go from the most accessible progression to the most challenging expression of the pose or movement, a safe space is created to play and grow.

In this spirit, the yoga mat becomes a playground where to explore creativity and develop freedom of movement.



External mobility - flexibility and optimal range of motion for a healthy everyday life.
Strength - foundational physical autonomy and healthy muscle tone.
Skills - coordination, balance and proprioception.


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